The Hawthorn Cycling Club Round 3 2019 at the Teardrop on Wednesday, October 23, 2019. All grades were sold out, sun was out (30c) and guns were out too.

There was a nice layer of heat that enveloped the course, with plenty of shade going up the hill but exposed in the elements going down and back to the start of the course. You can tell that summer is in the air, not because of the scent, but because of those bloody flying ants that all of sudden came out at the end of the night.

Thanks to everyone that said “Hi!”, great to meet you. A to D grades was at max capacity! Approx. 30-40 riders per grade and it was so hard to take a photograph of everyone! LOL. Enjoy!

I have purposely included a watermark on the images from a creative rights perspective, however, if you are one of the individuals that raced or one of the represented teams/clubs and would like a HI-RES copy of your own images without the watermark, then please email me directly or DM me on Instagram. I'm more than happy to provide these to you. I take photos as a hobby, I love it and its a bit of a passion of mine for the past 20 years. My intention is not to make money off the images, and if I do decide to charge for the photos, it is likely to be all donated to a charity (eg. a blood cancer foundation, love you mum). Feel free to also use the photos as they are, all that I ask is that you credit the photographer. It's just the polite thing to do!