WHAT's IN THE QUEUE? (no particular order)


The following is what’s in the queue for those quick first impressions, so stay tuned:

  • KustomFlow Red Fade Jawbreakers
  • KustomFlow “Gold Digger” Project
  • F3 Cycling Stem Mount
  • Ride Biblical 80s Fade Kit
  • Praxis Zayante + 4iiii Power Meter
  • Cane Creek AER Headset
  • EE Cycleworks Brakes 
  • RRThreads Stash v2.0
  • Dura Ace R9100
  • G8 Performance 2620 Insoles
  • Various #sockdoping new releases for 2018
  • Various #kitdoping releases as well
  • and many others…


The following is what’s coming up from a detailed review or article, so stay tuned:

  • The London Bike Show 2018
  • Suplest Edge/3 Pro Road long term
  • Praxis Zayante + 4iiii powermeter vs. Dura Ace 9000 + Stages powermeter
  • Wahoo Tickr Fit vs. Tickr (incl. accuracy test)
  • Project RodWorks v2 build (Praxis/R9100)
  • Nove v2 (EE Cycleworks and CC AER)
  • Dura Ace R9100 vs 9000
  • Various #sockdoping new releases and an in-depth look for 2018
  • Tour De France 2016 and 2017 adventures
  • Upcomming 2018 #procycling adventures
  • any many others…


Looking to give you an intimate view of some of the latest and coolest cycling brands and Instagram cycling/photography personalities:

  • Say GRRR!
  • KustomFlow

Always on the lookout, but if you want to collaborate, please read the “Let’s Connect” section below this page.

LATEST GRAMS (@rodpedals)


I’m all for collaboration and helping getting the word out. After all, cycling is a community. So if you have a cycling related product (tech, components, accessories, kit or socks) that you think is worth my honest and simple review and/or just shared with the rest of the community thru the power of collaboration, then by all means, get in touch and let’s make it happen. 👌

Or, if you have an event (club rides, race, get together, etc…) or have an interesting adventure or tour service and want to collaborate to get the word out, then let’s make it happen . 👌

Plus, if you are on Instagram and/or have a cycling related blog and would like to collaborate as a guest publisher or even part of our “spotlight” programme that share the same passion of cycling x photography, then let’s make it happen. 👌