The Carnegie Caufield Cycling Club Round 4 2019 at the Glenvale Crescent Crit Track on Sunday, October 27, 2019. They call this “The Church”.

The track was in an industrial estate and they pretty much had the roads locked down. Though some of the business were open, everyone seemed to know how to get in and out of the track when racing was on. It was very well marshalled thru and on point. You didn’t feel unsafe at any time at all. The course itself was flat, but don’t let that fool you! Right after the start line, there is a little incline on the first corner and there are a couple of false flat areas as well. Otherwise, it’s a fast pace!

Big shoutout to Michael Eaddy (local photographer) who was very welcoming and even shared one or two of his tips around the track. Legend!

Thanks to everyone else that said “Hi!”, great to see you guys and sorry I couldn’t hang around afterwards. Had to rush back to the fam. Otherwise, ENJOY!

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