Also known as Roderick De Guzman, but my British peeps call me Rodders or just Rod for short.


Filipino heritage with an Aussie pride and a British spirit. It’s complicated. Always a conundrum when the Ashes or the Rugby is on!


Originally from Sydney, but have lived in London the past 12 years. Decided to move the family back to Australia. Became a blessed parent thru the miracles of IVF, hence the decision to move back to be closer to family. Melbourne is now home.


Fell in love with cycling back in 2012, witnessed Bradley Wiggins become the first British to win the Tour De France and also claim gold at the London Olympics time trial event followed by his hour record attempt in the London velodrome. Bought my first road bike and it escalated quickly from there (eg. N+1)!


I’ve been in photography for over 20 years as a passion and hobby. I've included  some of the other things I have photographed before on this page. Why BISIKLETA? My photography needed a new home besides Instagram. So this will be the new home of my photography journal focused on the local (Australia) and overseas cycling culture, adventures, racing, all things bikes and I might throw in a handful of kitdoping.


Always happy to collaborate. If you would like to get in touch, you can DM me via Instagram via @rodpedals or via email: