Roderick De Guzman

Roderick De Guzman

@rodpedals and bisikleta.cc

Filipino by birth, Australian and British by pride - it’s complicated 😅. Husband to an awesome wife 👫. Moved from Sydney, Australia 🐨 to London, UK 💂🏻 about 10 years ago and that’s where my love for cycling began. Cycling provides me the freedom to clear my thoughts and enjoy mother nature. I venture out alone quite often. I am entangled in my love affair with solitude. As the saying goes...


I'm not antisocial I'm prosolitude

I use my love for photography to document and use Instagram as the platform to share my experiences, thoughts and vibe, be it solitude thru #lifebehindbars or fresh #sockdoping, #kitdoping, #kitgrid, #newkitday or #procycling adventures. 

Biskileta.cc is the extension of that platform and where my personally curated first impressions, reviews and adventures will be documented for your viewing and reading pleasure. 

Believer in collaborations, help getting the word out, not taking things too seriously, laughs and good vibes only (life’s too short not to)! 

What to EXPECT

#sockdoping reviews (@8lumens)
#kitdoping reviews (@suplestshoes)
#kitgrid reviews (@rapha x @pasnormalstudios)
#newkitday reviews (@fabriccycling)
#bikemechanic tips (or how not to do it 😅)
#procycling adventures (@purito in TDF16)


By a cyclist for other cyclists. I have an addiction for the sport (like most of us), pro peloton, the bikes, the tech, the kit, the socks, yes, especially the SOCKS!


I love photography. So most of the photos you will see here are my own. You may re-post (non-commercial nature) a photo as long as you attribute to the post here where you found it. For commercial nature, please contact me prior to use.


Be honest. Keep it simples. I'll state what's on my mind, the good and what could be improved. It's all objective. What I write here are my opinions and don't reflect anyone else.

SMALL PRINT: I’m not responsible for any accident/injury (cause you followed my “how not to do it” tips, etc…) or getting ridiculed by your mates (cause you wore the wrong socks to match your kit) or you bought something based on my first impressions/reviews and decided you needed your money back cause you got caught by your partner/wife trying to sneak it in the house (busted!). Please consult your common sense. If none exist, sorry, I can’t help you. Have a nice day!  😁